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Nutritious & healthy ready-meals delivered to your door every Tuesday
Healthy for you and the planet!

How it works

Order online

Place an order for one or more of our sustainably made ready-meals before Tuesday 3 pm.

We deliver your order

Deliveries are made on Tuesday afternoons by our electric van. We aim to deliver before 5 pm.

Heat, eat & enjoy time off cooking 😉

Truli meals are already cooked! Heat up your meal in the oven or microwave.

Return containers & give feedback

We will collect your used food containers on Saturday and ask for feedback.

And then check out our meal selection for the following week

We only have 4-5 meal options at a time, but the selection changes every week.

What makes us sustainable

Reduced plastic waste

All meals are delivered in bowls that we collect for free, wash, and reuse.

Low carbon delivery

Deliveries are made with our own 100% electric van, and we do all deliveries in one go to reduce back-and-forth driving.

Low carbon meals

Our meals have a low carbon footprint because our ingredients are seasonal and UK-grown. Our meal selection changes with the seasons!

Next Truli Tuesday

Delivered on the 23rd of August

We are out doing deliveries today! You are welcome to place an order until 3 pm, and we will deliver today 😊

Updating recipes now, check back after 3 pm on Wednesday

Truli Tuesdays have launched!

Nutritious ready-meals now available in Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, and Kingston

If you…

then check out our selection of meals below.
We also deliver to some secret postcodes which you may or may not know about.

Filling & Nutritious Food

We develop recipes that use high-quality UK grown seasonal fresh ingredients, with healthy nutrition as the focus. The meals are perfectly balanced to nurture your body and keep you full for longer.

We also maximise ingredients with creative touches such as gut-friendly kimchis, pickles and ferments, pestos and silky smooth mayonnaises and sauces.

Our goal is to achieve as close to zero waste as possible. We aim to use suppliers who care about sustainability, nurture the soil and environment, and work towards regenerating our planet.

Their farming principles ensure that the produce is fresh and picked so that it has optimum taste and is at its most nutrient-dense state.

Convenient without hurting the environment

You can have the convenience of store-bought home delivered and fresh (not frozen!) ready-meals knowing that you are reducing your impact on our planet and looking after your health:

  • Zero plastic waste,
  • reduced food waste,
  • seasonal UK produce, and
  • delivered using electric-powered vans

All meals are delivered in ceramic bowls, which we collect, wash, and reuse.

Our ingredients are UK sourced and seasonal, so they are at their most fresh, nutritious, and lower carbon than imported produce. By choosing UK produce, we also help support local economies and our wonderful UK farmers.

Sustainability is also at the heart of everything we do in our office – from buying equipment, cleaning products, office supplies, and everything in between.

Meal plan & complement your own cooking

Our meals are perfect for those nights when you want a delicious, healthy, ‘home-cooked’ style meal but don’t have the time to cook.

Everyone should be able to cook when they want to and take a break from cooking when they need it.

Our meals can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days, so you can easily order a few at a time to be ready for you when you’re at your busiest.

Support a female-led local startup

<-- This is me. Hi there! My name is Kaisa.
My purpose is to make our food system more sustainable. I absolutely love food, and I want to create a company that enables you to enjoy a good meal without hurting the environment or your health.

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