About Us

Making sustainable eating accessible to everyone!

Environment Friendly

We provide meals that are more eco-friendly than your average take-away or supermarket ready-meal


Food is supposed to taste good and feel good. Our food provides you with a balanced diet.


Our portions are large enough to fill you up and keep you from snacking between meals.


We are focused on strengthening the local food system by partnering with local farmers and supporting local causes.

So... what do we do exactly?

The short answer is, we deliver eco-friendly, healthy, and good quality ready-meals to cool people like you. You can subscribe to our service or make a one-off purchase.

We now deliver every Tuesday in Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington, and Kingston

Everything started with a student and an investor...

Hi there! My name is Kaisa and I am the co-founder of Truli. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart so after graduating university, I teamed up with Saul to create a sustainable food business.

I was on the sustainability train long before it became popular. It is nice to see that I am no longer alone and most people are making an effort here and there. The problem is, being 100% eco-friendly in all aspects of your life is super difficult! Being zero waste is near impossible.

As a consumer, I am disappointed in our current food system. You cannot buy much without packaging these days, and buying everything organic is super expensive. I did my best over the years to plan my meals around what was in season, to go to several different shops in order to get all my veggies plastic-free, and I attempted to cook everything from scratch. You know, baking bread every week gets tiresome after a while.

It took way too much time, money, and most of all mental effort to be sustainable. I was disappointed. It should not be this way! So I started a business that would solve at least some of these issues for regular people like you and me. Leave the shopping, cooking, and packaging to us and use your time for accomplishing your goals instead.

Our Amazing Team

An ever growing group of people brought together by luck

Kaisa Lepajõe


An energetic foodie with a background in Physics and machine learning.

Milly Gurton

Social Media Manager

A lovely young lady who knows her way around social media.



Our friendly delivery driver who always comes up with great ideas.


Do you want to be a part of our team?

Check out our recruitment page.

Now, you’re probably thinking “where is the chef?”. Well, we are in a transition phase at the moment because we are looking for a new creative chef to develop our recipes 🙂

How we do business

Every business decision we make is based on our core values.

  • We are relentless in our pursuit of Truli’s success but never at the expense of the environment.
  • We are reliable because we keep the promises we make to ourselves and others.
  • We promote the growth of the individual and of the collective by investing in continuous education. Our organisation is a springboard for employees and customers.
  • We understand that feedback is a gift and challenges help us grow.

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