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Truli sells and delivers healthy and sustainable ready-meals that can be easily re-heated at home.

You can check the postcodes we deliver to by following this link.


All Truli orders are delivered on Tuesdays. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time but will aim to delivery your meal before 5 pm.

Yes, our food is packaged in a reusable insulating bag which we can leave outside your door if you are not in.

If you are not in, we will leave the food outside your door in an insulated bag.

Each postcode has an allocated time slot which cannot be changed. The reason we have set up the system in such a way is to reduce the amount of back-and-forth driving. Unlike Ubereats or Deliveroo, we only do one driver per day. This reduces the amount of energy used.


The food is delivered chilled and should be re-heated at home.

Every person has different needs when it comes to food. If you are a person with a big appetite (like our founder Kaisa), you will easily finish the whole plate. Some customers find the portions too big for one person and share them between two people.

You can re-heat the food in the microwave or oven. Take the lid off before heating and follow the instructions on the outer package.

You can heat your food in the oven or the microwave. The bowl is oven and microwave safe. Please take the lid off for heating as it is not oven or microwave safe.

All Truli meals are cooked through. Rule of thumb: heat your food until it is piping hot throughout.

More specific heating instructions can be found on the packaging.

Truli meals are delivered chilled. Please keep them in the fridge. Check the use-by date on each dish. Our meals can be kept in the fridge for 3-5 days.

The lid and container are both freezer proof, however, we would prefer to get the containers back as soon as possible. Please transfer the food to your own freezer-proof container and return our bowl and lid.

We have all different kind of cuisines in our selection. The meals change every week and we rotate our menu according to the ingredients that are in season.

Once we launch properly, we will have a different selection of meals every week.

Most of our food is vegan or vegetarian. We tried being fully vegan for a while but felt like we were alienating those who are flexitarian. Now we are adding a few meat and fish dishes back in.

We are not a 100% gluten-free kitchen, so there is a risk of cross-contamination. But most of our meals are indeed gluten-free!

We aim to use suppliers who care about being sustainable, nurturing the soil, and working towards regenerating our planet. Their fresh produce is grown in an environment where the food is at its most nutrient-dense and has optimum taste.

We source ingredients from organic suppliers as much as possible. However, we understand our UK farmers and producers’ challenges to transition to more regenerative food production practices that rely less on non-organic inputs.

Our guiding principles are to source UK grown, seasonal produce from farmers who focus on nurturing the soil and regenerating the environment as much as possible. Like us, farmers are learning to be more sustainable by leveraging Sustainable Kitchen Consultants’ work to help UK farms transition to organic and regenerative practices.

We indirectly support farmers on the journey to true sustainability through our sustainable sourcing choices. We influence them by letting them know our and our customers’ preferences.

Check out our full list of farmers and other partners here.

Returning containers

Rinse the container and leave it outside for our driver to collect on Saturday. Or wait for the driver to knock and collect. Don’t forget to return the insulating bag as well (if you were given one).

You can read more about how to return containers here.

Returning containers is always free. No need to do anything except leave your containers out on your collection day.

We would appreciate it if you rinsed out the containers before scheduling a collection. A thorough wash is not mandatory because we wash and disinfect all our containers in the kitchen anyway.

You may leave the containers outside. Please only do this if your neighbourhood does not have a problem with theft.

No, please return the containers on the Saturday following your delivery. If you cannot return your containers the same week then email [email protected]

If you anticipate not being able to return the containers on time, please email [email protected] and describe the issue.

Accidents happen, we forgive and forget. However, you must return the container pieces to us so that they can be recycled properly. We take full charge of the waste created by our business.

If you lose a container, you will be charged a small fee. Let us know as soon as possible if you think you have lost a container and will not be able to return it.


Our food is delivered in a ceramic bowl with a silicone rimmed plastic lid.

The bowl is both microwave and oven safe.

Your order is placed inside a reusable insulated fabric bag.

Each part of the packaging, except the paper sleeve around each meal, is reused once you return it.

In practice, true zero waste is difficult to achieve. We do our best to get as near to zero waste as possible. The main way that we reduce waste is by having a circular system for packaging and managing food waste properly in our kitchen.

As with zero waste, zero plastic is unattainable in today’s world. However, we use very little plastic in our business.

Our packaging is not entirely plastic-free as we use a transparent plastic lid. However, this lid gets reused many times before being replaced. Therefore, our packaging has a lower carbon footprint than, for example, biodegradable single-use containers.


There is an option to delete your account with all the related data in the menu in your account dashboard.

The business

Currently, Truli is owned by the two founders Kaisa and Saul. Our official company name is Electric Food Ltd.

In addition to buying our products, you can support our vision for a more sustainable food system by reading our blog and taking part in our activities. We love spending time with likeminded people.

If you have any more questions, please email [email protected] We appreciate your feedback and help on making the FAQ page better.

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