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Our suppliers work towards regenerating our planet. We aim to use suppliers who care about being sustainable and nurturing the soil and environment in which their fresh produce is grown. This ensures that the crop is at its most nutrient-dense and optimum taste.

We source ingredients from organic suppliers as much as possible. However, we understand our UK farmers and producers’ challenges to transition to more regenerative food production practices that rely less on non-organic inputs.

Our guiding principles are to source UK grown, seasonal produce from farmers who focus on nurturing the soil and regenerating the environment as much as possible. Just like us, farmers are learning to be more sustainable, and by leveraging the work Sustainable Kitchen Consultants do to help UK farms transition to organic and regenerative practices, and through our sustainable sourcing choices, we indirectly support farmers on that journey and influence as much as possible by letting them know our and our customers’ preferences.

We therefore aim to choose suppliers who are:

  • UK farmers & producers, using UK grown produce as much as possible.
  • Treat their animals (and soil & plants) well.
  • Don’t use excessive chemicals, and are looking to reduce their chemical inputs to regenerate the environment.
  • Are organic where possible.
  • Share our vision for being more sustainable, to achieve healthy people & a healthy planet.

We’re excited about sharing more info on our specific suppliers as we find our groove with producing regular weekly delicious, healthy, seasonal meals.

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